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FAMA Framework (FAMA FW) is a tool for the automated analysis of variability models (VM). Its main objective is providing an extensible framework where current research on VM automated analysis might be developed and easily integrated into a final product.

FAMA FW is built following the SPL paradigm supporting different variability metamodels, reasoners or solvers, analysis questions and reasoner selectors, easing the production of customized VM analysis tools.

FAMA FW component-based architecture allows to extend or update FAMA FW by means of the so-called FAMA Extensions. We summarize the benefits of using FAMA FW:

  • Easy to integrate: FAMA FW has a simple and stable front-end Java interface(QuestionTrader), implementing a query-based interaction.
  • Easy to extend: FAMA FW architecture allows to extend or update existing products just by adding or updating its components or features. Third-parties are allowed to develop and integrated their own FAMA Extensions.
  • Easy to configure: FAMA FW is configured by means of an unique XML file, asing its maintenance and configuration to adapt the tool to the user needs.

As Open Source Proyect, FaMa Team, has a lot of contributions from diferent sources, as other open source proyects, universities or people. Feel free to use FaMa and give your opinion or upgrade it, simple remember to mail us(fama.support@gmail.com)