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March 08, 2012
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FaMaTS version 1.1.2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Versions--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FAMA Core v1.1.1FaMa Feature Model v0.9.1FaMa Attributed Feature Model v1.0.4Sat4jReasoner v1.0.0JavaBDDReasoner v1.0.0ChocoReasoner v1.1.1JaCoPReasoner v1.0.1FaMaShellv0.1.1Fixes from 1.1.1:-Bug in the plain tex format writer.-Minor changes in ChocoReasoner and others solvers.-More questions offered for the unexperienced user. [more...]
April 14, 2011
New version published with minnor changes [more...]
March 31, 2011
New version of FaMa released, check it out. [more...]
January 30, 2011
We are pleased to present you the new version of FaMaFW [more...]
July 21, 2010
A new version of FaMa has been published. Download it using the usual channels [more...]