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CRISTAL Tool Suite

CRISTAL is a tool suite composed of three parts:

  1. RACI2BPMN Tool. With this tool, RASCI information is automatically introduced in a BPMN model, from responsibility management information contained in a RASCI matrix, and some binding information required to be able to generate accurate resource assignments in the output process model. An example of the use of the tool can be found here.
  2. RAL Solver Tool. This tool maps the RAL expressions of a BP model into an OWL-DL ontology in order to resolve them and analyse them automatically, both at design time and at run time:
    • DT RAL Solver: the current implementation is a plug-in for Oryx that allows the calculation of the potential performers of the activities of a BPMN model. It can be tried here.
    • RT RAL Solver: it calculates the potential performers of a BP during execution, that is, taking into consideration the real performers of previous activities to resolve those RAL expressions with constraints with respect to them, e.g. a segregation of duties between two activities to indicate that they have to be performed by two different persons. The implementation is a library that works with Activiti. It is available on demand at cristinacabanillas@us.es. Once installed, RAL expressions can be assigned to the BP activities, and they will be automatically resolved along the execution of the process.