ASPL 2008 First Workshop on Analyses of Software Product Lines
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Workshop program

Dr. Barry O�Sullivan, Associate Director of the Cork Constraint Computation Centre (Ireland), a world renown expert in the field of AI configuration and constraint programming, has accepted to open the workshop with a keynote address.

Download the Final Program (small changes have been made):

Download the informal proceedings from here

List of accepted papers:

Paper 1: Finding Contradictions in Feature Models
Adithya Hemakumar

Paper 2: Do SAT Solvers Make Good Configurators?
Mikolas Janota   

Paper 3: On SAT Technologies for dependency management and beyond
Daniel Le Berre and Anne Parrain   

Paper 4: Automated Analysis of Feature Models using Atomic Sets
Sergio Segura   

Paper 5: Filtered Cartesian Flattening: An Approximation Technique for  Optimally Selecting Features while Adhering to Resource Constraints
J. White and D. C. Schmidt   

Paper 6: Knowledge Based Method to Validate Feature Models
Abdelrahman O. Elfaki, Somnuk Phon-Amnuaisuk, Chin Kuan Ho

Paper 7: Elimination of Constraints from Feature Trees
Pim van den Broek, Ism�nia Galv�o, Joost Noppen

Paper 8: Understanding Decision-Oriented Variability Modelling
Deepak Dhungana, Paul Gr�nbacher

Paper 9: Automated Analysis of Orthogonal Variability Models. A First Step
Fabricia Roos-Frantz and Sergio Segura   

Paper 10: A Method to Analyze Variability Based on Product Release History: Case Study of Automotive System
Kentaro Yoshimura, Fumio Narisawa, and Koji Hashimoto, Tohru Kikuno

Paper 11: The Linux Kernel Configurator as a Feature Modeling Tool
Julio Sincero and Wolfgang Schroder-Preikschat