Registered Tools

FAMA Tool Suite

FeAture Model Analizer framework. A java-based Tool Suite for analysing variability models.


Framework for Automated Service Trading


REquirements Manager


Agreement Document Analysis Framework which currently support the analysis of documents specified with WS-Agreement recommendation of the OGF working group


BeTTy is an extensible and highly configurable framework supporting BEnchmarking and TestTing on the analYses of feature models.

Governance Document Analyser (GDA)

WS-Governance is a novel XML-Based language that allows the definition of Governance Documents. WS-Governance is based on WS-Policy but extends it, following its philosophy of open syntax and extensibility. A WS-Governance Document (GD) provides governance policies definitions (based on WS-Policy elements) along with contextual metadata, sources-of-governance relevant information, and the specification of properties on which policies definitions is based.


PPINOT is tool suite that allows the de nition of PPIs by means of both, a graphical notation and a template-based notation that uses linguistic patterns. It also provides support for the automated analysis of such de nitions, allowing to extract implicit information from these PPIs and their relationships with the business process and between themselves.


CRISTAL is a software ecosystem to analyse and manage business processes from different points of view. Specifically, it provides support to analyse business process models as for the data objects used in a business process and the human resources of the organization in which the process is implemented that participate in its execution by carrying out one or more tasks.

Labs Tools

MaCMAS Case Tool

MaCMAS Case Tool




A java-based tool for analysing orthogonal variability models


Framework for Optimization using Metaheuristics


Framework for engineering automated negotiations for SLAs.

SOA4All Integrated Ranking

SOA4All Integrated Ranking is a tool that allows a user to define and compose preferences using a generic and expressive model that integrate preference definitions used in three different ranking techniques developed in the European SOA4All project.


EXpermientn Management PLAtfoRm


STATService is a set of software components for statististical analysis. Currently it comprises of:

A web portal, that allows you to perform statistical analysis directly online, and download all the components of the suite.

A set of XML web services, that allows the programmatic use of statistical tests from nearly any programming language and plattform.

A set of plugins that allows to integrate statitical analysis in your favourite programs. Currently we have plugins for Excel 2010 and Excel 2007.


SmarTest is a testing module for accelerating the detection of faults in the Drupal Web Content System Management framework.