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Advanced testing for Drupal

Customizable Dashboard

Customizable Dashboard with run-time extracted data to guide the testing

Advanced Testing

Automated testing with prioritization techniques to detect faults faster

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Why SmarTest

SmarTest is a testing module for accelerating the detection of faults in Drupal.

Our proposal provides faster feedback to the testers and reduces debugging efforts.

This tool is based on an extensive research study publised as an article (Variability Testing in the Wild: The Drupal Case Study) in the International Software and System Modelling Journal.

SmarTest enables a dashboard with statistics about the Drupal system in real time.

This information allows us to guide the testing in our system through faults propensity data in different parts of our code.

Also, SmarTest allows the testers to prioritize (i.e. order) the executions of the tests modules in order to detect faults as fast as possible.

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Download SmarTest!

This is a SmarTest's project page in Drupal: SmarTest module


SmarTest is in Drupal's projects page! -> Here!

We were speaking at DrupalConEurope 2015 in Barcelona -> Here!


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