Getting Started

A key aspect in any process-oriented organisation is the measurement of process performance for the achievement of its strategic and operational goals. Process Performance Indicators (PPIs) are a key asset to carry out this evaluation, and, therefore, the management of these PPIs throughout the whole BP lifecycle is crucial.

PPINOT is a set of libraries aimed at facilitating and automating the PPI management. The support includes their definition using either a graphical or a template-based textual notation, their automated analysis at design-time, and their automated computation based on processing an event log obtained from a process simulator or a Business Process Management System.

PPINOT is integrated into PRspectives, which is a multi-perspective business process modeler that allows the definition of PPIs graphically by means of a web-based editor based on Oryx, or by using templates and linguistic patterns. The BPMN model together with the PPIs defined for it can be exported to an standard BPMN 2.0 XML file with some PPI-specific extensions.

PRspectives is available at You can create and edit your own process models with PPIs by login using your Google or Facebook account. In addition, we have already created a public business process model called “RFC” (Request For Change) to help you to try the editor, so you do not need to crate a new business process model from scratch.

An example of process with a set of PPIs defined, that corresponds to the RFC process model is found below.

PPINOT Modeler

You can also run PRspectives on your own server following these instructions.