PPINOT currently covers aspects related to the design, analysis and execution  of PPIs, having at its core the PPINOT Metamodel. In this section you can find some information and documentation about the way all this works.

  • Regarding the design aspect, it provides two alternatives: the graphical edition of PPIs and their template-based definition. It puts, thus, at users’ hand, notations that do not require technical knowledge.
  • Furthermore, it also offers a set of analysis operations to be automatically performed on the previously defined PPIs. These operations provide the users with information regarding the relationships between the businesss process elements and the PPIs as well as between the PPIs themselves.
  • Finally, with respect to the execution, it is also possible to take the PPI definitions (created using one of the two aforementioned alternatives) and import them into an open source BPMS, allowing thus the computation and reporting of PPI values.