Antonio Ruiz Cortés

    University of Sevilla

    ETS de Ingeniería Informática, room F0.53

    Avda. Reina Mercedes s/n, 41012 Sevilla Spain (MAP)

    Phone: +34 95 4556874

    aruiz at





Antonio Ruiz Cortés is Professor of Software and Service Engineering at the University of Sevilla. Before joining this University, he worked for seven years in the Computer Industry as well as two years for the University of Huelva as a Lecturer. He currently heads the Applied Software Engineering Group at the University of Sevilla conducting research on service-oriented computing, business process management, testing and software product lines, being the recipient of the Most Influential Paper of SPLC 2017 award. He has organized several conferences, including JCIS 2008, SPLC 2017 and SISTEDES 2018, and is an associate editor of Springer Computing. He has been Deputy Director of the Informatics School and Head of the Computer Languages and Systems department. From September 2018 Antonio Ruiz is the President of the Spanish Society on Software Engineering (SISTEDES).