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In this website we present CRISTAL (Collection of Resource-centrIc Supporting Tools And Languages), a system aimed at providing advanced support for resource management in business processes. Most of its functionalities are based on RAL (Resource Assignment Language), a language to select human resources from an organizational model.

CRISTAL's source code is available at: https://bitbucket.org/isagroup/cristal/

From Resource Assignment Matrices to BPMN 
(demo and code)

RALph Graphical Editor

Roadmap on the use of CRISTAL

This work has been partially supported by the European Commission (FEDER), the Spanish Government under CICYT projects SETI (TIN2009-07366) and TAPAS (TIN2012-32273); and projects THEOS (TIC-5906) and ISABEL (P07-TIC-2533) funded by the Andalusian local Government.

RAL team:

Cristina Cabanillas
Manuel Resinas
Antonio Ruiz Cort�s
Adela del R�o Ortega

Technical staff:
Ana Bel�n S�nchez
Edelia Garc�a