We have been in contact with the following groups since several years ago in a number of different ways: participations in coordinated projects, joint directions of Ph.D. thesis, joint publications, research visits...

  • Dr. Pastor and Dr. Pelechano's group, from the Univ. Politécnica de Valencia. Topic: transformation from BPMN to BPEL in order to build web applications automatically and development of dynamic software product line for embedded systems

  • Dr. Vallecillo's group, from the Univ. de Málaga. Topic: formal transformations between models.

  • Drs. Franch and Botella's group, from the Univ. Politécnica de Cataluña. Topic: treatment of non-functional requirements for the procurement of software components, including web services, and in applying agile methodologies to develop software product lines

  • Dr. Batory's group, from the Univ. of Texas. Topic: Software Product Lines and feature-oriented programming

  • Dr. Hieron's group, from the Brunel University, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UK. Topic: Testing of SPL automated analysis tools.

  • Dr. Heymans' group, from the Univ. of Namur in Belgium. Topic: establishing relations between feature models and other domain models in the development of product lines

  • Dr. Schmidt's group, from the Univ. of Vanderbilt in Tennessee. Topic: deployment of application in software product lines by means of configurators

  • Dr. Shrivastava's group, from the Univ. of Newcastle. Topic: automatic web service procurement, including topics like trust, reputation and creation of electronic agreements.

  • Dr. Casati's group, form the Univ. of Trento. Topic: automated analysis of SLAs, development of citation metrics based on mash-ups.

  • Dr. Weske's group, from the HPI at the Univ. of Potsdam. Topic: definition of process performance indicators

  • Dr. Hinchey's group, from the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre Lero, University of Limerick. Topic: Agent-oriented software engineering and Multi-agent system software product lines.