ADA TOOL Registered Tool

Agreement Document Analysis Framework which currently support the analysis of documents specified with WS-Agreement recommendation of the OGF working group.

BeTTy Registered Tool

BeTTy is an extensible and highly configurable framework supporting BEnchmarking and TestTing on the analYses of feature models. It is written in Java and is distributed as a jar file facilitating its integration into external projects. BeTTy has been developed on top of some of the core components of theFaMa Tool Suite.

CRISTAL Registered Tool

CRISTAL (Collection of Resource-centrIc Supporting Tools And Languages), a system aimed at providing advanced support for resource management in business processes. Most of its functionalities are based on RAL (Resource Assignment Language), a language to select human resources from an organizational model.

FAMA Tool Suite Registered Tool

FaMa-FW is a Framework for automated analyses of feature models integrating some of the most commonly used logic representations and solvers proposed in the literature (BDD, SAT and CSP solvers are implemented). FaMa is the first tool integrating different solvers for the automated analyses of feature models.

FAST Registered Tool

SLA driven service transaction has been identified as a key challenge to take advantage of a SOA. FAST System provides a software framework for the automated creation of SLAs.

Governify Registered Tool

Governify is a set of microservices that support the design, monitoring and implementation of SLAs.

PPINOT Registered Tool

PPINOT is a set of tools and techniques for the definition and automated analysis of process performance indicators.

REM Registered Tool

REM (Requirement Management) is a free experimental Requirements Management tool designed to support the Requirements Engineering phase of a software development project according to the methodology defined in the Doctoral Thesis “A Methodological Environment of Requirements Engineering for Information Systems”, presented by Amador Durán in September 2000.

SmarTest Registered Tool

SmarTest is a testing module for accelerating the detection of faults in Drupal.

STATService Registered Tool

STATService is a suite of software components for statististical analysis. Currently it comprises of: A web portal that allows you to perform statistical analysis directly online, a set of XML web services, that allows the programmatic use of statistical tests from nearly any programming language and plattform and a set of plugins that allows to integrate statitical analysis in your favourite programs.

CEIM Labs Tool

System and method for compliance event and incident management (CEIM). Patente de invención, Propiedad industrial. Solicitud: 2012-09-05

ELeCTRA Labs Tool

Induced usage limitations calculation in RESTful APIs. Collaboration with USI Lugano (Switzerland).

EMMA Labs Tool

An Enhanced MatchMaking Add-on (EMMA). Otra modalidad de propiedad intelectual.


EXpEriments Management PLAtfoRm

FaMa OVM Labs Tool

A java-based tool for analyzing orthogonal variability models

FOM Labs Tool

Framework for Optimization using Metaheuristics

Governance Document Analyser (GDA) Labs Tool

GDA is an analysis tool of WS-Governance documents. It has been developed using the Choco constraint solver Choco. This prototype receives two XML documents as input: a WS-Governcance* document P, and an optional SAML document that provides governance relevant information S, simulating a UDDI registry enriched with metadata to support governance policies reasoning. The SAML document provides the flexibility to test properties checking for the same SLA and GD under different concrete circumstances. After mapping the P and S to the equivalent CSP, our proof-of-concept prototype processes the CSP and returns a report showing the results of the following checks: intrinsic consistency of each isolated policy of P, consistency of the whole set of policies of P and the general consistency of P on S.

MaCMAS Case Tool Labs Tool

Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool for supporting the MaCMAS models and transformations.

NegoFAST Labs Tool

Framework for engineering automated negotiations for SLAs.

PURI Labs Tool

Preference-based Universal Ranking Integration (PURI) framework. Otra modalidad de propiedad intelectual. Solicitud: 2013-03-15

SOA4All Integrated Ranking Labs Tool

SOA4All Integrated Ranking is a tool that allows a user to define and compose preferences using a generic and expressive model that integrate preference definitions used in three different ranking techniques developed in the European SOA4All project.

SPLreasoner Labs Tool

Prototype to analyse feature models