Tecnologias para Servicios Cloud Híbridos, Altamente Configurables y Regulados por ANS

Project Details
Starting date: 01/01/2016
Finishing date: 31/12/2018
Funded by: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Spanish Government)
Funding ID: TIN2015-70560-R
Organic: 1813033035
Received funds: 101.800 €
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The diffusion and adoption of services offered in the cloud is being rapid and of great significance, fulfilling and even exceeding in some aspects the most optimistic expectations. The demand for this type of service maintains an upward trend that forces providers to improve in several facets, among which are: added value, degree of customization and degree of trust, the added value has gone from offering only computational services in the cloud (SaaS, PaaS or IaaS) to offer hybrid services that involve software and people in its implementation. E.g., Uber is a service offered in the cloud that is provided by a human driver. In BPaaS people and software cooperate to provide a service that encompasses a complete business process. The degree of personalization of a service is recognized as one of its key success factors, especially when the price of use is adjusted according to the characteristics chosen. The services offered by Amazon (AWS) are a good example of highly configurable services, e.g. the elastic computing service (EC2) offers more than 17000 configurations and the storage service (S3) offers hundreds. Finally, to improve the degree of trust the use of service level agreements (SLAs) becomes mandatory when customers are professionals, companies or other organizations. For example, AWSs are regulated by SLAs that include penalty clauses against Amazon.