ISA DevDays

Coming on 2020 @ ETSII US

The ISA DevDays give undergraduate students who have not worked yet the opportunity to have their first work experience at the university. The Applied Software Engineering group has more than 20 members and has been responsible for numerous transfer projects at regional, national and European level. Selected candidates will be able to join a realistic work environment where they will learn to use the latest technologies.

Learn the latest technologies

The MEAN Stack or Docker are just some of the technologies that our past participants have been able to learn on the previous editions. Docker helps and facilitate the deployment of multiple independent containers under the same infrastructure.

Alternatively, MEAN is the acronym formed by MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS, and together they form a powerful framework for the development of JavaScript applications.

All participants will have to pass two challenges from the selection process in which technicals and personal attitudes will be examined.

First Step: Workshop & Challenges

Candidates will attend a workshop where the technologies, tools and languages will be introduced in a practical way. These will be the same languages that selected participants will have to use in their daily work.

After that, some challenges will be stated, some of which will need to be fulfilled in order to go forward with the selection process. The optional ones will add points to those who complete them, but are not compulsory to advance in the selection process.


One or two sessions of about 4 – 6 hours total. Several professors will teach the tools mentioned. The sessions will be as followed:

  1. Welcome speech and introduction to the technologies.
  2. Work environment setting and configuration.
  3. Small theoretical explanation and practical example.
  4. Proposal of challenges


At the end of the workshop, a series of challenges will be launched so that participants can demonstrate what they have learned. Some of them will be compulsory to continue in the selection process and others will be optional (completing them will count positively). As a minimum, one compulsory challenge and one optional challenge will be proposed for each of the technologies explained.

The challenges will be carried out on an individual basis in order to help assess each candidate’s capacity for autonomy and problem solving.

Second Step: Interviews

Those who pass the first phase, will conduct an interview with one of the members of the group, in order to get to know them a little better and evaluate other aspects beyond the technical knowledge demonstrated.

In the interview, questions will be asked mainly about the candidate’s curriculum vitae and about the solutions given to the challenges proposed.

Last Step:

Join our group!

Former Selected Students

Manuel J. León Rivas

After 4 years working at ISA, Manuel started working at Amazon, where he works as Software Engineer in Seattle. Nowadays, he is a Senior Engineer and his work is centered on the development of the Alexa platform.

Samuel Navas Portillo

After leaving the ISA group, Samuel went through Emergya, Batwiki and The Cocktail, until he ended up in Sam :]. He works there as a React Native developer, creating Ruby On Rails multiplatform mobile applications integrated with web services.

Rocío Pérez Cano

Rocío was in the group while completing her bachelor’s degree in computer science. She completed her last year of studies in Berlin at Erasmus, and then completed her studies with several masters at the universities of Seville, Michigan and Cornell, the latter two in the U.S. Currently, she works at Expensify as a software engineer, based in San Francisco.

Pablo León-Asuero

Pablo worked at the ISA research group from 2010 until 2014. After that, in 2015, he founded Imagility, a software development company where he developed a game for iOS called Evergrow. Evergrow became one of the highlights of the App Store in its early days. Today, he continues to lead the company developing quality software for companies.

Year Assistants Hired Tech Staff % Names
June 2019 21 4 19 Roberto Hermoso, Alejandro Gómez, Pablo García, César García
June 2017 35 4 11.4 Camila Reyes, José Gallardo, Rafael Fresno, Alejandro Guerrero