ISA is the Research Group of Applied Software Engineering composed by research staff of the Department Computer Languages and Systems of the University of Sevilla.


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    Research Lines

    Business Process Management

    Performance management and monitoring, Service Level Agreements, predictive monitoring, business process analytics, human resource management.

    Experiments Support

    Support for formal description of experiments.


    Development of metaheuristic frameworks and ecosystems; new heuristics for optimization problems in service and software engineering: composition, negotiation, ranking…

    Service Governance

    Automated analysis, creation, diagnosis and management of governance documents; policies modelling; enforcement of SLAs; autonomic and self-* platforms; monitoring. Automated analysis, creation, diagnosis, negotiation and management of SLAs; advanced models of SLAs: temporal-awareness, symmetry, uncertainty, composition; formalization and extension of WS-Agreement.

    Software Product Lines

    Automated analysis and management of feature models; algebra of variability models; software ecosystems; product management.

    Software Testing

    Software quality; automated test data generation; test assessment; oracle problem.

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